The residential college system was started in 1957, almost a half century after the founding of the University. In 2007, Rice celebrated its 50th anniversary of the residential college system, and in 2010, 2 new colleges were founded (McMurtry and Duncan). Edgar Odell Lovett, Rice University’s first president, envisioned the residential colleges and the Associate’s Program as integral to the University, and his statue was unveiled during the Rice Centennial in 2012.

“In this…residential hall students and staff are already living in a common society a common life under conditions the most democratic. They sit at a common table; they lounge in common club-rooms; they frequent the same cloisters; in games they meet upon the same playing fields…Every college in the country contends that it has the spirit of true democracy; the only difference, if any, is that here we do have it.”- Edgar Odell Lovett







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